We paid out a total of $53,500 in scholarships 

during 2021 to 33 June 2021 WHS graduates and 11 prior year recipients who are currently in their 2nd, 3rd or senior year of college.

Thank you to the following donors who made significant contributions to either fund a specific scholarship or to support an activity or a program:

The Lenore and David Beckerman Fund

The Class of 1963 Fund

Ronald Griffin Fund (David Horace)

Marvin Gibson Memorial Fund

The Gloria and Walter Hastreiter Memorial Fund (Laurie Rippon)

Reada & Harry Jellinek Fund

Seymour “Swede” Masin Fund

Edwin McLucas Fund (Steve Bogner)

Lewis & Dora Prag Memorial Fund (Herbert & Diane Lerner)

Nancy & Linda Small Memorial Fund (Ezra Tessler & Family)

Willis (1970) & Carol Bradwell Fund

The Class of 1964 Fund

Dena (Gittleman, 1964) & Abraham Greenstein

Judith Herr, 1964

The Madelyn (Kaufer, 1941) Zagar Memorial Fund

Billi Marcus (1955),

Steven (1965) & Lauri Dinetz

Robert Russell (1962)

Robert Singer (1961)

Kenneth Dychtwald (1967)

And, of course, we thank all of you who’ve contributed by maintaining a membership in the Alumni Association, supporting our fundraisers or making a donation.