42-Cover Winter 2018 Alumni Calumet Pic

To view The full edition of the Alumni Calumet Winter 2018, click on the above picture of the newsletter cover and it will open in a separate window.

Some of the featured articles in this edition are:

* Andre Hollis, Weequahic’s New Principal.

* Local Control Returns to Newark.

* WHS Alumni Reassured.

* 2017 Scholarship Recipients.

* Alumni Association co-founder makes a “lasting impression.”

* The Synagogues of Newark.

* Newark News.

* The Blooms from La Jolla host salons for starving artists.

* 2017 Newark sports hall of fame inductees from Weequahic.

* Oldest living Weequahic graduate tells all.

* Weequahic grad reopens Newark IHOP.

* Alumni firefighter gives back to the homeless.

* 50th Anniversary of the “Dream Team.”

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